What to see in the Campo de’ Fiori in Rome?

Campo de Fiori is a famous square and market in Rome. What to see in Campo de Fiori? What can you buy there? Here’s our quickie about Rome’s charming square.

The name translates to ‘a field of flowers’. The square dates back to the Middle Ages, only becoming properly populated around the 14/15th century. Campo de Fiori is often known for the public executions that were held here. People were burnt alive on charges of ‘heresy’. Giordano Bruno, a famous philosopher, was one of such cases, with all his works being placed on a censored list after his execution. You’ll still see him on the square today, though, as a monument was dedicated to him, built in 1889. 

For as long as it stands, Campo de Fiori has always been an important point of commerce for Rome. The streets extending out of the square are named after groups of craftsmen associated with it: Via dei Cappellari (hat-makers), Via dei Balestrari (crossbow-makers), Via dei Chiavari (key-makers) and Via dei Giubbonari (tailors).

Campo de Fiori Bruno Giordano
Monument to Bruno Giordano, burnt in 1600

There’s also a small charming fountain on the square.


Where is the Campo de Fiori located?


Gdzie jest Campo de Fiori

This famous square is located in the centre of Rome, near Piazza Navona (about 250m away), on the eastern side of the River Tiber. It’s a great place to visit when you’re strolling through the centre of Rome.


What can you buy on the Campo de Fiori market?


The Campo de Fiori itself is home to a famous market where you can buy many local products or enjoy some prepared food. We recommend stocking up on olive oil, cheeses, pasta, fresh fruits, vegetables and spices (especially from Spezie Famose nel Mondo!). It’s a perfectly charming place for shopping in Rome. You may also find overly pushy vendors here, so beware.

At night, Campo de Fiori turns from a market to a place full of restaurants, clubs and social life.

According to many, Campo de Fiori is the one remnant of the ‘old Rome’, meaning it still has the same atmosphere and the same way of life thanks to the local market being a social gathering space that you would find in the old days.


Where to eat in Campo de Fiori?


As for food and cafés on the square, we recommend: Mercato Hostaria Roma, Maravè Gelateria – Cioccolateria, Antica Hostaria Romanesca and Forno Campo de ‘Fiori.


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