What can you buy in Zakynthos?

Fridge magnets, mugs, olive oil and alcohol – these are the typical grabs many of us bring back from our holidays, adding them to a whole wall of fridge magnets, mugs and olive oils. What if we mixed it up for a change? Delicious local honey? Handmade olive bowls? Turtle merch? Let’s take a look at what you can find in Zakynthos.

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Is Athens safe to visit?

Athens is among the most famous cities of the world and one of the larger metropolitan areas in Europe. Amidst the swarms of people, both tourists and locals, can we be sure that we’re safe? Is Athens a safe city to visit? Should you be concerned about pickpockets and robbers? Let’s take a look.

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11 best beaches on Samos

Samos is a Greek island which is slowly rising in popularity – it simultaneously hides some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Today, we’ll go over our selection of what we deem the best beaches of Samos. Where can you take your children? Where can you find nudist beaches? All of that and more below.

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