7 reasons to visit Rome in winter

Are you thinking of visiting Rome in winter? Is it for the incomparable Christmas atmosphere in Rome and the Vatican or just to see Rome with less tourists around? While it’s not as warm as Lisbon, Barcelona or Porto, we think it’s a great place for a winter trip nonetheless. Why should you go to Rome in winter, though? We’ll go over a few reasons today.

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Where is Rome located?

We’d be very impressed if you haven’t yet heard of Rome, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that you may have been very asleep during your geography classes. If so, then you may know Rome but not its location. As such, we’ll go over the absolute basics today – where is Rome located? Which peninsula is Rome on?

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Where can you find the tomb of John Paul II?

Though 18 years have passed since the death of Karol Wojtyła, the Polish Pope, it still feels like yesterday for many people. Though the figure did fall under a bit of controversy, both Poles and believers from all over the world still revere him like he never left.

It’s, therefore, unsurprising that many may want to visit his eternal resting place. Today, we’ll go over the details of John Paul II’s tomb. What does it look like? Can you see it yourself and is there an entry fee?

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11 best towns and villages in the region of Lazio near Rome

We know Rome tends to overshadow everything that dwells anywhere within the distance of being in the same country, but there’s really much more to the region of Lazio than just the Eternal City. But where should you go in Lazio? What to visit near Rome? Don’t worry, as, in our attempt to advertise the rest of Lazio a bit more, today’s guide will be all about the underappreciated gems in Lazio!

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