What to see in the Azores?

Many people call the Azores the “Hawaii of Europe” – it’s humid, rainy and incredibly green. It’s a place to unwind and admire the beautiful scenes nature prepares sometimes. Given that it’s a whole archipelago, you may not know where to start. What to see in the Azores? We’ll go over exactly that in today’s post.

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What to buy in the Azores?

The Azores are renowned for their incredible air quality, ubiquitous greenery and, mainly, for being an archipelago of volcanic islands. As we can’t exactly pack air, a forest or volcanic soil, what should you bring back from the Azores? What should you buy here? We’ll keep it short today and recommend five items in particular.

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Where and what is Madeira?

Back in the day, Madeira was considered quite a luxurious holiday destination, not available to some average Joe Bloggs. Though clearly that’s not the case anymore and more of us, common folk, can enjoy a nice holiday trip to Madeira. Meaning, where exactly? The name rings a bell, yet the actual details ring hollow. So what is Madeira? Where is it located?

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How windy is Madeira?

Madeira is not a particularly hot holiday resort. Its climate is quite mild compared to Mediterranean countries. As such, many people may wonder if its temperatures accompanied by strong gusts may not make it so Madeira gets really cold and unpleasant. As such, we’ll go over just how windy Madeira actually is so you can see whether you have anything to worry about.

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