Is it safe in Berlin?

Berlin is one of the most commonly visited cities in Europe and the largest and most populous city in Germany. It’s famous for its architecture, museums, sport venues and cultural events. If you’d like to see them too, you may be wondering just how safe Berlin is. Today, we’ll take a look at exactly that.

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Can you drink tap water in Berlin?

With the increase in the quality of living standards, tap water is becoming more and more of a normal thing to drink. It can also save a surprising amount of money for a tourist on their holiday trip, not even mentioning how you don’t have to use up more plastic this way. Can you make use of tap water while in Berlin? Does Germany have safe tap water? Let’s take a look!

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Is Athens safe to visit?

Athens is among the most famous cities of the world and one of the larger metropolitan areas in Europe. Amidst the swarms of people, both tourists and locals, can we be sure that we’re safe? Is Athens a safe city to visit? Should you be concerned about pickpockets and robbers? Let’s take a look.

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Are there sharks and shark attacks around Zakynthos?

You drift peacefully along the water’s surface. The sunshine burns your skin only a little, gently, contrasting the blissful cooling of the water. Your mind doses off into that one time when she… but your stream cuts – you see a fin circling around you. A scene like from a poopy movie, but can it realistically happen to you too? Can you get ambushed by a shark in the waters around Zakynthos? Let’s take a look at the shark situation in Greece.

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Are there mosquitoes on Zakynthos?

Zakynthos is well known for its beautiful beaches, rocky coves and overall stunning greenery. Though it’s still a Greek island through and through, you’ll, nonetheless, find rainy days here too. And what comes up with the humidity? Our eternal companions, mosquitoes. Will you have to deal with mosquitoes often on Zakynthos? When’s the mosquito season? What can you do against them? Let’s take a look.

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Is Samos safe?

According to Maslow’s pyramid, safety is one of the most basic fundamental needs of every human being. As such, it’s natural that we react with fear to dangerous situations and places – it’s our instinctive way of getting back to safety. This also comes into play when planning a trip – are you going to be safe in Samos? Is it okay for solo travelers? Today, we’ll take a look at whether you have anything to worry about on the Greek island of Samos.

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Is Corfu safe?

Are you thinking of visiting Corfu but you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to feel safe there? Is it a good place for a solo traveler? Let’s take a look!

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