What should you buy in Florence?

Florence and Tuscany are some of the most beautiful parts of Italy. If you’re planning on visiting them, then you might want to know what you could possibly bring back with you, be it as a gift or a souvenir to remember the trip by. What should you buy in Florence? Let’s have a look! … See More →


11 best free attractions in Florence

Florence is widely considered one of the loveliest places in the world to visit. It’s no wonder it attracts masses from all over, though this comes at a price. Like, a literal one, because more tourists means prices will inevitably go up. If you’re not the poshest and you’d still want to visit Florence, we’ll go over some free things that us, mortals, can enjoy while in Florence.

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13 best beaches in Sicily

Sicily is an island with wonderful weather and a large ripe coast, so it only stands to reason that there would be great beaches in Sicily. Wondering which one will suit you best? Perhaps you’re looking for the one closest to your city of choice? We’ll go over the 13 beaches we think will be ideal for you.

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Catania vs Palermo: which one should you choose?

From the many options that Sicily offers, people tend to gravitate towards Palermo and Catania. If you haven’t yet been to either, how do you choose between them? We’ll try to help you with that in today’s article. We’ll divide this article into rounds for specific categories to make it easier for you to see how these cities fare in your favourite category. Where will you find the best beach in Sicily? Which one is more interesting to explore? Let’s find out!

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