Italy in winter: where should you go?

Are you thinking of a winter trip to Italy but you’re not sure about the location yet? After all, Italy is quite vast and winters can look very different depending on whether we visit the north or south. As such, today, we’ll go over which regions will serve you best depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s our guide to winter in Italy!

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What to buy in Bologna?

Bologna may not be as famous as Venice, though it’s still very well known, mainly thanks to cuisine. If you’re headed there yourself, you may be curious what souvenirs or gifts you could buy there. Today, we’ll go over exactly that. Let’s take a look!

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Is cannabis legal in Italy?

Many people want to combine their holidays with trying something new. Some try dating, others pick up a new sport, and select people try drugs. If you’re going to Italy and you’re wondering about the legality of cannabis, then we’ll go over that in today’s post. Is cannabis legal? Can you own drugs in Italy?

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17 must-try foods in Italy

If you’re going to Italy, you have quite a lot of wonderful experiences in front of you – beautiful sights, various souvenirs to stock up on and, of course, food. Italian cuisine is world-renowned and for a good reason. But what should you try while in Italy? What can you order in an Italian restaurant? Don’t fret, we’ll give you a few hints.

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Does coffee grow in Italy?

Italy is famous for so many things that we could scarcely count – one above many others, however, is its coffee. You can find all sorts of Italian brands of coffee in your local shops, hence why many people assume that coffee grows in Italy. But does it? Or do they just import it? Let’s take a look.

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