What is the weather like in Albania in June?

Albania is swiftly growing in popularity as a holiday destination. And no wonder, as it’s a beautiful country with relatively low prices, favourable weather and great people. If you’re thinking of having a holiday in June, why not in Albania? We’ll go over the temperatures and weather you can expect at that time to convince you that it’s a great time for an Albanian getaway.


Albania – June temperatures


Average temperatures in Albania in June sit at around 27-28 degrees °C. At night, these drop to about 18 degrees, though you’ll commonly find about 20 °C too. At this time, the Albanian seas are equally pleasant, at 23 °C, and you get a perfectly warm holiday destination. A great time for lounging on the beach and taking sea baths.


Weather in Albania in June


Let’s also check the rainfall situation in June. There’s actually only 5 rainy days on average in June, with mere 35 mm precipitation. The average probability of rainfall is just 18%. Typical days in Albania are very sunny, with an average of 10 hours of sunshine in a day. And you get plenty of time to enjoy it too, with 15 hour long days in June. It’s the perfect not-too-hot type of hot holiday spot and we hope you’ll give it a shot. It’s a great place.


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