Are there mosquitoes in Sicily? When are there the most mosquitoes in Sicily?

Going to Sicily is a great idea for the holiday season. If you want to avoid the crowds of tourists visiting Rome or Venice, Sicily is the perfect option. Before the trip however, you have to prepare. One of the biggest problems in Sicily are the mosquito swarms. When do the swarms occur?

A mosquito repellent and various gels and creams against mosquito bites are certainly things you should bring with you, or buy locally. Mosquito bites are an everyday burden all Sicilians carry, as the warm, watery climate supports it glamorously. The only hope tourists have is to visit Sicily in the early spring.

Mosquitoes are not usually yet in place in March, and with some luck, they may not even appear in April and May. The summer season is a never ending struggle to not get eaten alive by the wicked insects. July, June and August are all fully infiltrated by the mosquito forces. Another catastrophic information is that the mosquitoes don’t just disappear when the autumn comes. Autumn is still warm enough in Sicily, to allow mosquitoes to freely remain on the island. They remain there for the whole September, with bad luck even October.

What to do to avoid the mosquitoes in Sicily? Make sure that the hotel you’ll be staying in has air conditioning. If it does not, make sure to pay the additional however much for it. Because if there’s no AC, you’ll have to open the windows at night, not all hotel rooms have mosquito nets, and there’s no escape once the windows are open. Wearing long sleeve clothing is also a good idea, if the weather allows.

Alas, that’s nearly all that we can do, which does not solve the problem all that well. That’s just the charm of Sicily. It has got mosquitoes.

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