What’s Burčák?

You likely don’t think of a rich selection of local wines when you think of the Czech Republic. And yet, Moravia has no shortage of vineyards and Czechs even have their own wine-esque – Burčák. What is it? When and where can you find it? Let’s take a look!

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13 best Greek foods to try!

Greek cuisine is full of meat, vegetables and barbecue – you’ve likely had some of them already, though they’ll certainly taste much different when made by actual Greeks. Today, we’ll go over some of our favourite items from the Greek menu that we think are most worth a try. Let’s take a look!

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Fat Thursday in Greece (Tsiknopempti)

You may have heard of Fat Thursday before – some countries, like Poland, celebrate the last Thursday before Lent by stuffing themselves as much as physically possible. In Poland, this is achieved via pączki and angel wings. But did you know that Greece also has its own Fat Thursday? What does it look like? Why is it called Tsiknopempti? Let’s take a look!

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17 must-try foods in Italy

If you’re going to Italy, you have quite a lot of wonderful experiences in front of you – beautiful sights, various souvenirs to stock up on and, of course, food. Italian cuisine is world-renowned and for a good reason. But what should you try while in Italy? What can you order in an Italian restaurant? Don’t fret, we’ll give you a few hints.

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