When does lavender bloom in Tuscany?

When looking at photos from Tuscany, we got quite jealous of the beautiful lavender fields that the locals can gaze at and make pictures of daily. Though Lavender fields are mainly known from France, Provence specifically, you can also find beautiful purple meadows in Tuscany. If you, too, would like to see them in their full glory, then we’ll look at when the local lavender typically blooms.

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What is Venice’s entry fee about and how much is it?

Venice is a powerhouse of tourism in Italy, with the peak season attracting over 100,000 daytrippers a day. This, however, has driven Venice into a state of overtourism, which has been impacting the city greatly, often in negative ways. To combat this, the authorities of Venice are introducing an entry fee to the city, starting in spring of 2024. Why? How much is the entry fee to Venice? Where does that money go? We’ll go over all the details today.

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