Is there a metro in Dresden?

A metro is a huge convenience for getting around any large city quickly and cheaply. It makes exploring massive areas so much easier – Berlin, the other staple in Germany, has a massive metro system in place. Can you find one in Dresden too? Let’s take a look.


U-Bahn in Dresden

Shockingly enough, Dresden does not have a metro system. Instead, both residents of and visitors to the city can rely on its commuter train counterpart, S-Bahn. Dresden’s S-Bahn has been operating since 1974, currently offering 48 stations spread out over 4 lines and stretching out over 80 miles.


S-Bahn tickets

You can find a variety of ticket options for Dresden’s public transport, including one-use tickets, a ticket for a few stops, a few journeys or passes for one day, one week and one month. Prices for the Dresden zone look like this:

  • single journey (one hour): €3 regular, €2 reduced
  • 4-trip ticket: €10.60
  • 4-trip ticket for short journeys (one trip = up to 4 stops): €7
  • one-day pass: €8 regular, €6.70 reduced
  • one-week pass: €26 regular, €19.50 reduced
  • one-month pass: €75.50 regular, €56.80 reduced

There are also a few family options or tickets for small groups. You can check all the ticket variants and make sure that our information is still up to date here


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