Ferry across Como. Lecco, Bellagio, Varenna and other attractions

Can you tour across Como with a ferry? You sure can! Here are the most alluring and the prettiest places that we can see on the coast of this Italian lake. As a bonus, we’ll include some pics from the nearby ropeways (from Como and Lecco).

We’ve mentioned the attractions of the Como lake previously, here. Time for a follow-up. A ferry is one of the most interesting forms of transport on the lake, as we can use it to get pretty much anywhere. So, how does the passage from Como to Bellagio look with a ferry? From Lecco to Bellagio or to Varenna? If you’re wondering if such an attraction is for you and if it’s worth to consider such a cruise, perhaps this article can help with that. Here’s a very short runthrough of our journey across Como.

como sightseeing

From Como to Bellagio

When travelling across the lake, we have two options: the slower one and the ‘rapido’, which allows us to get around immensely quickly. To get from Como to Bellagio with a slower ferry, we need more than 2h, the rapido option requires around an hour. What are the pros and cons of both options? Rapido is, as you might expect, quite a bit more expensive, at 16 EUR, with the traditional ferry costing you 11 EUR.


If you like to taking photos and the idea of basking in the Italian sunlight, we recommend the longer passage, which allows you to sit and admire the towns around you. The ferry moves calmly and slowly, so you can easily get sharp photos. The rapido ferry also has less stops on the way, so be sure to check the list of stops prior to the journey, in case you want to visit some specific place. The difference in time between the two options is quite huge though, so if time’s money for you, maybe consider the rapido version.

From Lecco to Bellagio

A less popular route, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be problems with booking a spot during the high season. Oftentimes, a queue is set up 40 minutes before the ferry even leaves, so don’t risk it and come fairly early.

como lake

Outside the high season, which lasts till the end of October, the huge crowds are certainly rarer, but so are the ferries. In the ticket office or the cafe connected to the office, you can find an up-to-date schedule. There’s only one option here though, which is to leave from ferry haven, near the Lecco basilica. You can easily find the place once you get to the boulevards in Lecco. During the cruise you can admire the incredible flora and the charming towns all around the lake.

Before the journey, make sure you’re equipped with a hat, sunglasses and some sunscreen, as you can get quite burned otherwise, on the warmer days.

The prettiest towns and attractions by the Como lake, the western part

The western side, from Lecco to Varenna

lecco sailing
The centre of Lecco, with the boulevard. You can get to this city by taking the train in Bergamo or Milan. The ride takes roughly an hour.


View of Lecco from the lift
View of Lecco from the lift


lecco coffee
While waiting for the ferry, you can eat an ‘Italian’ breakfast locally


Water sports on Como
Water sports on Como


Onno, one of the stops on the way from Lecco to Bellagio


Mandello del Lario
Mandello del Lario, another stop on the way from Lecco to Bellagio


como mountains
A panorama of the mountainside on the western side of the lake


como mountains
The western side sure does seem to be more beautiful…


Lierna beach
Beach and some wine in Lierna. View of Bellagio.


Beaches in Lierna, you can bathe with the ducks and swans!


Varenna in the distance, a view from the ferry

The central part of the Como lake

boulevard Varenna
The boulevard in Varenna is a perfect starting point for journeys to Bellagio. We can get on a ferry here, or take the train from Lecco.


The terrace connecting the center of Varenna with the boulevard and the ferry haven


Como Varenna
The center of Varenna with its stony beach. We can find many charming cafes and various attractions around here.


Varenna mountains
View of the mountainside from Varenna


Como haven
A haven by the Como lake


Bondone and the mountains visible from Varenna


Varenna ferry
View of Varenna from the ferry. Above the city, there is the Chiesa di San Giorgio.


Welcome to Bellagio! The centre of the Como lake, as well as that of snobbishness and luxury. Although, it’s undeniably a beautiful place.


 Bellagio boulevard
A boulevard in Bellagio, here’s where the ferries leave off and it’s the best place to start touring the city.


parking bellagio
The parking lot in Bellagio


Bellagio center
Center of Bellagio and its streets riddled with tourists


como attractions
A ferry and the queue waiting to get on it


Aperol Bellagio
The one and only, Aperol

The western side of the Como lake

So, the route from Bellagio to Como:

Cadenabbia is a perfect place for viewing the western coast.


Villa Carlotta
Famed Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo


Azzano with the view of the mountain range.


The center of Tremezzo and the Grand Hotel

Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello
Villa Balbianello, the most famous Villa in the area around Como. It’s where scenes for Bond and Star Wars were filmed.


Villa Balbianello
The renaissance architecture of the Villa Balbianello


Villa Balbianello Como
A view of the Villa from the ferry sailing to Como
Isola Comacina
Isola Comacina, one of the few islands on Como


Argegno, one of the biggest villages on the western coast of Como

Villa Oleandra, the house of George Clooney

Villa Oleandra
Villa Oleandra, bought by George Clooney


Villa Oleandra George Clooney
It’s where the actor would invite their guests, among which Barack Obama found himself.

Ever closer to Como

Faro Como
Faro, the Volta Lighthouse


Villa d'este w Como Cernobbio
Villa d’este in Cernobbio, near Como


Villa d'este
Famed 5 star hotel by the Como lake


Villa Erba
Villa Erba and the beach in Cernobbio


Como ferry
The ferry station in Como


Como lift
View of Como from the Brunate lift

The map of attractions on the Como lake

atrakcje como

  1. Lecco and the ferry haven
  2. The mountain lift in Lecco
  3. Mandello del Lario
  4. Onno
  5. Lierna and its beaches
  6. Varenna
  7. Menaggio
  8. Bellagio and the ferry haven
  9. Villa Carlotta
  10. Villa Balbianello
  11. Isola Comacina
  12. Argegno
  13. Villa Oleandra, George Clooney’s Villa
  14. Villa d’Este
  15. Como and the ferry haven
  16. The Brunate lift

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