Is it safe in Catania?

Many times, we’ve written about the topic of safety in Sicily. Catania has not yet been brought up by us. So now, is Catania as safe as, for instance, Palermo?

We’ve mentioned numerous times that trips to Sicily are just as safe as any other place on Earth. In fact, it may even be above average when it comes to general safety of European holiday destinations. There’s no need to be afraid of mafias in Sicily. Same goes for Catania.

Catania is a fairly safe holiday destination, both for solo trips and for family integration. Naturally, it’s not all utopian, so you should still keep in mind the possibility of pickpockets, for instance, especially in public transport.

While strolling down the streets, it’s still best to keep an eye on our bags, since common thefts do occur, and more often than not, it’s actually people driving scooters or motorcycles that turn out to be the thieves. By holding your bag closer to the buildings, instead of the roads, we can greatly minimize the likelihood of our belongings being stolen.

In Catania, practically every tourist destination is a safe zone. Admittedly, outside of these, there are some areas in Catania, like Castello Ursino, which aren’t the safest, but that doesn’t come into play for general tourism.

When it comes to criminal activity, Catania shows greatly soothing results. There’s no need to worry when it comes to holidays there, as the overall amount of crime in Catania is much lower than in other Italian cities. In one of our previous articles, we considered whether it’s better to go to Catania or Palermo. We also recommend our list of the most beautiful cities on Sicily.

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