Power sockets in Cyprus – do you need an adapter?

When visiting the island of Aphrodite, or any far away land for that matter, it is only sensible to consider the standards present in your destination. When in Cyprus, do you need a power plug adapter with you, or will the UK ‘G type’ suffice? Are the sockets the same in Southern and Northern Cyprus?

Cyprus belongs to the European Union, but it does not belong to the Schengen Area, instead it has very close ties with Britain. There are British military bases on the island, Cyprus was once a part of the British Empire as well. Sure, some time has passed since the 19th century, but the impact Britain has had on the island is still widely visible, and that does include the power department.

Wind turbines on Cyprus
Wind turbines on Cyprus

What sockets does Cyprus use?

When in Cyprus, you will find only 240V G-type sockets, type commonly utilised around these islands. If you use the UK standard, you will be just fine, but in case you’re using anything without a G-type plug, make sure to get yourself an adapter (one shouldn’t cost you more than 4-5 EUR~).

souvenir shop cyprus
Souvenir shop in Cyprus

What to do if it’s too late and you’re in a dire need of an adapter? Well, fret not, as almost every decently-sized souvenir shop sells adapters too. You can also rent one in a hotel, as most of them do offer various types.

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