Seagull adventures in Porto

In our home Poland, and more specifically Cracow, the pigeon is somehow as central to the city as the people living inside it. The city is as much their property as it is ours. In Porto, a completely different bird rules over – the seagull. They can be found not only on the banks of rivers or by the ocean, but also in the streets.

And as birds do, one moment you may see a bird, another and all you have left from this beautiful interaction with nature is what the seagull no longer wants to hold inside. We met so many wonderful feathered friends in Porto that we decided that since we had to stare at them, you’ll have to too.


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Porto Vineyards

10 vineyards in Porto to see and explore – prices and opinions

Porto is certainly well known for its Luís I Bridge, the beautiful Douro river, azulejos tiles and great fast food in the form of Francesinha. There’s one symbol of the city, one of the biggest, which is not listed above. It’s the Porto wine, produced in great quantities all across Porto. Which vineyards to visit in Porto? Where can we taste the wine? How much does visiting the vineyards cost?

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