What weather can you expect from Porto in winter?

The west of Europe can be a saving grace in the cold and dreadful months of winter. How does Portugal, and Porto in particular, fare in this period? Can you enjoy a nice warm holiday in Porto in winter? We’ll go over exactly that today.

Winter weather in Porto

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What temperatures can you expect in winter?

Porto is a sizable city not far from the Portuguese capital (which we’ve also covered in regards to holidays in winter in Lisbon). If you’re wondering whether you can find that winter warmth in Porto too, then yes, just like in Seville or Sicily, you certainly can. Given its proximity, Porto’s winters are very similar to Lisbon, though even a little warmer.


Winter temperatures in Porto in December

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According to accuweather data from 2022, the average day temperatures sat at 16 degrees Celsius. The highs during the day would reach 18 degrees while lows would dip to about 13-14. Nights would usually sit around 10-13, though dips to even as low as 5 degrees Celsius also happened. It’s also the rainiest month but, don’t worry, as ‘rainiest’ here doesn’t mean bad at all.


Winter temperatures in Porto in January

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The lowest temperatures of the year

January is a bit colder than December. In 2023, Porto experienced an average of about 14 degrees in January, with lows dipping to 12 and highs at 17. Years prior showed that Januaries can certainly reach upwards of 19 at times, but it’s still colder than December, the second coldest month here.

If you’re wondering which one of the two to choose, we’d look at it like this: pick the end of December if you want to see Christmas or New Year’s Eve here and you don’t mind that you’ll have to struggle a bit with crowds. If you don’t mind skipping out on the Christmas vibe and you’d rather have the streets empty and quiet, then January will do just fine. Though, at this point, you could also go to Porto in..


Winter temperatures in Porto in February

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Sunny returns

You can find days in February where thermometers will go over 20 degrees. Less rain than in the previous months, more sun and more pleasant warmth. Still, low dips like 10-15 degrees do happen, so don’t skip out on jackets. Still, compared to the standards for February in our corner of Europe, it’s very pleasant stuff. You’ll also be glad to hear that tourists are still a rare sight in February while simultaneously you can find stuff like the Simplesmente Vinho wine festival taking place in Porto at that time (in 2023, it took place from 24-26.02, you can track announcements for 2024 at their official site here)


Porto in… March?

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Spring or winter?

If we’re skipping ahead though, what about skipping all the way to spring? It’s still a time when tourists haven’t yet overrun the place and you may see slightly higher temperatures than in the previous years. There were years in recent history where a dozen days of 20+ degrees would occur. Still, it’s by no means a stable warm month akin to summer weather, especially given the chilly winds blowing from the oceanside, so make sure to pack accordingly if you’re choosing to go in early spring.

Whichever month you choose, you’ll likely still see higher temperatures than at home and it’s a very pleasant time to explore Porto without the crowds (except for Christmas). And, hey. There’s always a cask of Port wine to warm you up if you really need it.


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