Best viewpoints in Porto. Where can I take pictures in Porto?

Viewpoints are a very magical aspect of a trip. Sure, you’ll go over the main tourist attractions, maybe following a list, maybe improvising, but eventually you have this whole tourist route figured out, but only from the ground. Viewpoints give you this chance to see that same route from a completely different light, like a postcard of your experience. Are you going to Porto and want to obtain your own postcard? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.


Monastery da Serra do Pilar

If you were scrolling through photos taken in Porto, then it’s likely you’ve seen quite a few taken here. The old monastery in Vila Nova de Gaia perched on a high hill is one of the most commonly visited places by tourists. The whole area dates back to 1672 and offers a beautiful panorama of the city. It’s a great place to watch sunrises (less commonly) and sunsets (way more commonly) over Porto.


Jardim do Roseiral Park and the Garden of Feelings

Porto’s picturesque park is quite often merely a way to get from one place to another. Just like the garden, we feel that this is quite a shame. It’s such a beautiful place, with very rich vegetation and plenty of bird species, including peacocks! It’s a great place for a date in Porto and it offers a great view of the river and the other side of the city.


The Miradouro da Vitória viewpoint

This small viewing terrace is located right next to the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Vitória Church. You get a beautiful view of the city, its vineyards and the famous Douro river from here. Sadly, the viewpoint itself is commonly neglected and isn’t too inviting overall. Still, coming here for a moment just for the view is well worth it.


Dom Luís I Bridge

There’s no part of Porto more recognisable than the Dom Luís I Bridge – and it makes a great viewpoint as well. The historic Dom Luís I Bridge, or more precisely its upper level, is one of the most popular viewpoints in Porto. You get a similar view from here as from the monastery nearby. You can read more about the bridge here.


Clérigos Tower

Porto’s Clérigos Church and its tower are some of the most famous sights in the city. The tower is quite massive, a trip to it will involve as many as 240 steps. The tower is 75.6 metre tall, so it’s both quite a climb and quite a view from above. Sadly, there’s an entrance fee, and it’s not the smallest, as it’s over £7. Not to defend the decision to charge that much, but the view is still quite worth it.


Teleferico de Gaia – Porto’s cable car

Finally, the last viewpoint we’d mention is not really a viewpoint and more of a view-route. Porto’s famous cable car is a unique opportunity to see the city from hundreds of little viewpoints at once. Of course, you’ll need a ticket for it, but it’s similarly a great purchase nonetheless.

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