The Teleférico de Gaia cable car in Porto

Cable cars are a great way to combine transport with beautiful sights, offering you a new perspective at the place you’ve just explored or are about to. How much will the one in Porto cost you? When can you enter the famed Teleferico de Gaia? How long does an average ride take and is it suitable for children? All of that and more in today’s guide to Porto’s cable car.

Works on the Teleferico de Gaia Cable Car started in March of 2009 and were finalised in April 2011. The route of the cable car is not overwhelmingly long, at 562 metres, and the ride takes a few minutes. The cable car connects Gais de Gaia with the Jardim do Morro and the upper part of Porto’s most famous bridge, the Dom Luis I (you can read more about that here).

Over the years, Porto’s cable car has become one of its more significant tourist attractions. It consists of 14 carriages and each carriage can carry 8 passengers at a time. The cable car is basically open all year round, with the only exception being on Christmas. The opening hours vary slightly depending on the season.

In 2023, the timetable looks like this:

01.01 – 23.03
10am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday

24.03 – 25.04
10am – 7pm, Monday to Sunday

26.04 – 24.09 (the high season)
10am – 8pm, Monday to Sunday

25.09 – 24.10
10am – 7pm, Monday to Sunday

25.10 – 31.12 (with the exception for Christmas Day)
10am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday


Ticket prices

ropeway Porto

Thankfully, the tickets are manageable. A one-way ride for an adult costs €7 and €3,50 for children (5-12). A round trip costs €10 for an adult and €5 for children. There’s also a 2+2 ticket variant, meaning two adults plus two children, which yields you a round trip for €22,50. You can also get a boarding pass which allows you to use the cable car up to 4 times a day for a month for €39 (or €19,50 for children). 

Lastly, you can also find packs with the cable car ride included, which combine different attractions for a slightly reduced price overall. You can find more info about that and check whether our info is still up to date on the official site of the Teleferico de Gaia cable car (you can also buy your tickets there, online!)

Be sure to give Teleferico a go if you’re in Porto – it’s a great ride and doesn’t cost a fortune! It’s certainly one of the less orthodox attractions in Porto.

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