Can you drink alcohol in Albania? Is drinking in Albania legal?

Albania is a great tourist destination thanks to its beautiful sights, good safety and welcoming people. Given, however, that it’s a predominantly Muslim country, you may wonder whether you can consume alcohol in Albania. We’ll examine that today.


Is it legal to drink Alcohol in Albania?

So as not to prolong: yes, it’s legal to drink in Albania. You can buy alcohol here with no issue or curious gazes, both in shops and local bars.

The reason for why people may question that is that Albania is a country with the majority of the population being adherents to Islam. According to Muslim traditions, muslims are not allowed to consume alcohol in their mortal life.

We have to acknowledge, however, that Albania is a secular country. Even within believers, very few Albanians actually consider religion to be the main, most vital aspect of their life. As such, religious dogma does not influence the country’s regulations, with Albania declaring itself a secular state as far back as 1912. Alcohol is, thus, fully legal and tourists visiting the country don’t have to worry about having to go on a trip-enforced abstinence.


Can you drink alcohol in Albania in public places?

Okay, so we know that it is, de facto, legally permitted to drink. But is it okay to do so? In principle, there is no prohibition in Albanian law for drinking in public places, but alcohol in parks and on the streets is not socially acceptable. Some people may also wonder at what age you can legally buy alcohol in Albania – 18 years old. Finally, there is important information for drivers. The legal blood alcohol limit for drivers in Albania is 0.01%.


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