When’s the Carnival in Germany?

The Carnival period is mainly associated with Rio and Venice, though Germany has its own Carnival celebrations which are just as notable. When does the Carnival take place in Germany this year? What does it include? Let’s take a look.


Carnival in Germany


Carnival is what we typically refer to as the celebrative period before Lent – it’s celebrated in many countries, including Germany. The name likely comes from the mutation of the Latin “carne vale”, quite literally meaning “goodbye, meat!”. It was a time for eating meat and enjoying oneself before the fasting period. It typically ‘starts off’ on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, though that’s mostly just the period when it’s most active. Main celebrations are typically held on Rose Monday. 

The most well known carnival in Germany is the Cologne Carnival which, in 2024, starts on the 8th of February. In carnival regions, you can count on parades, parties, balls and games. It takes place until the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, meaning February 13, the Violet Tuesday.


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