Guide to the Tropical Islands in Berlin

If you’re craving a tropical getaway yet you’re going to Berlin, fret not! The Tropical Islands Resort will welcome you most warmly. Today, we’ll go over what the resort is, where you’ll find it and how much it’ll cost you. Let’s take a look!


Tropical Islands Resort

The Tropical Islands resort is located about 30 miles south of Berlin, inside of a massive airship hangar, the biggest of its kind in the world. It’s effectively a large water park designed with a tropical aesthetic and featuring a few themed areas: a rainforest, an ‘amazonia’, a tropical village, etc. It’s also set to about 26 degrees Celsius at all times, trying to recreate a warm, humid tropical vibe.



In regards to tickets, you have two main options, depending on if you want the additional access to a sauna or not. The prices pan out as such:

Sauna-less “Pure Tropics”

  • Regular ticket: €48
  • Reduced ticket: €40
  • Children (4-11): €38
  • Children up to 3 years old: free

Tropics & Sauna

  • Regular ticket: €58
  • Reduced ticket: €46
  • Children (4-11): €44
  • Children up to 3 years old: free

The reduced ticket applies to pupils, students, seniors over 65 and disabled persons. If you choose the Pure Tropics variant and you change your mind, you can always transition into the Sauna version with an extra charge (it’ll be overall pricier, of course, than just choosing the Sauna version to benign with). The prices above are prices for online tickets – if you’d like to buy them at the ticket office, you can, though they’ll be a tiny bit more expensive. If you’d like to visit during public holidays, the price may be a euro or two higher too. 


Opening hours

The resort is open for visitors from 8am to 11pm. You can also stay at the various accommodation options to not have to worry about the closing time, including proper rooms, tents, camping and even holiday homes. Then, you have access to the facility all day long.


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