Is there Uber in Italy? Is Uber in Rome?

When going on holidays to Western Europe countries, it’s generally a good idea to minimize the transport costs by utilizing cheaper alternatives to taxis. When going to Italy, can you use Uber? Is Uber even in Italy, and if so, does it work properly? Here, we wanted to see if Uber works in Rome, Sicily, Milan, Turin and Venice.

Uber has become widespread and legal in many countries – in pretty much all of them, it makes the taxi drivers weep in despair. When in Italy, don’t fall for the spooky fairy tales that the taxi drivers may try to scare you with, where usage of an Uber will result in you having to pay a couple of thousand EUR extra.

Uber does work in Italy, though not literally everywhere. It works in the larger cities where you would expect it to though. 

It’s safe to say, that you can use it in Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Turin and many, many other cities in Italy!

Due to legal constraints, usage of vehicles below the Uber Black variant is not possible, which means that the cheapest options we’re used to are also not available. This means that, while not very expensive, Uber isn’t as cheap in Italy as it may be in other countries. You can try seeking alternatives in freenow or simply public transport if you don’t want that extra expense.


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