How much does it cost to enter the Pantheon in Rome?

When people think of Rome, often pizza and the incredible wealth of monuments come to mind. Amongst the most famous ones is the Pantheon, which tends to be among the first places tourists visit during their stay in the Eternal City. But do you have to have your wallets full to visit Rome? Is the Pantheon free? We’ll take a look at that today.


Is the Pantheon free to visit?


Folk wisdom has it that all the best things in life are free. If that’s the case then the Pantheon is… no longer the best thing in life. It used to be the case that the Pantheon was open from Monday to Friday for free, but, in July of 2023, this was changed. Now, there’s a mandatory ticket which costs €5 (or €3 for a reduced ticket, 18-25). This fee is only for tourists, though, as residents will still be able to attend the Pantheon for free.

The only time when the entry is free is on the first Sunday of the month. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy the tickets. You can get them on the official site at or at the Pantheon itself. Since the introduction of the ticket fee and the necessity for a ticket office, the queues get very chaotic now. Just know that the queue on the left is for the ticket office while the queue on the right is for those with a ticket ready, be it physical or digital. The queues can get quite long as well, so we’d recommend you get the ticket digitally to not add even more time spent waiting.


How much do guided tours cost in the Pantheon?


If you would also like a guided tour, you should expect to pay a minimum of €25. If you have a child under the age of 7, you can get a free ticket for them. There’s also a slight discount for if your children are above 7 but below 18. Sadly, there are no discounts for seniors. The typical tour lasts about 45 minutes.

As for an audio tour, you have an option to buy an audio tour with a ticket to the Pantheon included for €15 (or €10 for kids up to 17 years old). The tour lasts about 35 minutes. You can find out more at

Tickets for guided tours of the Pantheon can also be purchased in the form of special vouchers, which can, for example, be given as a gift to family or friends going to Rome (the voucher is valid until the end of the year). 


When can you visit the Pantheon?


The Pantheon is open to visitors all week, from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (though the last entry is at 6:45). It is closed on the 1st of January, 15th of August and 25th of December.


 How should I dress for a visit to the Pantheon?


It’s important to remember that the Pantheon is a sacred place, which means you have to dress appropriately. Your shoulders and knees should be covered, no matter if you’re a guy or gal.


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