How much does beer cost in Prague?

It’s hard to disconnect the Czech Republic and Prague from the local beer. The country is famous throughout Europe for its golden beverages and Czechs drink the most beer per capita in the whole world. As such, tourists tend to flock to beer just as much as the locals, at least to try what everyone’s so mad about. How much does that cost them? Let’s take a look at that today.


Beer prices in the Prague

When looking at anything price-related for Prague, do keep in mind that it tends to be quite a bit pricier than any other Czech city, sometimes up to tens of percentage points higher. The difference is visible in regards to beer too. 

The prices jumped a tiny bit in recent years all across the Czech Republic – in early 2024, you can expect to pay no more than €2-3 per pint (about 0.5l), and €3 would be for a craft beer in a bar. Often, you’ll find beer cheaper than water on menus, like in the good old medieval times. In shops, you can typically find 0.5l bottles for an euro.


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