How much does beer cost in Czechia?

Czechs drink the most beer per capita in the world and their beer is well renowned all across Europe. As such, if you’re visiting the Czech Republic, you can find yourself a pint too. How much will that cost you, though? Is the world-renowned beer expensive? Let’s take a look.


Beer in the Czech Republic

When looking at the price of beer, we have two suspects to look at: bottled beer in shops and beer in bars. Firstly, the cheaper one. A 0.5l bottle of beer will typically set you back about an euro in Czechia. 

Meanwhile, bars aren’t much worse either. A commonly thrown around saying is that beer is cheaper than water in Prague and, while a vague statement at first, it tends to be true in bars. A pint costs typically about €2 and about €3 for a craft beer. There shouldn’t yet be more expensive beers around, though the prices of Czech beer are on a sharp increase as of recent years, thus make use of this while you can. In short, it’ll be cheaper than at home.


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