Sicily in winter, weather forecast for December, January and February

Sicily, compared to the rest of Europe, is a country with an incredibly warm climate. But is it warm enough for a comfortable trip in the winter season? If you ever asked yourself, is it warm in Sicily in winter, does Palermo have good weather, is it worth it to go to Sicily in winter, or is there even snow there, we may have exactly the answers you’re looking for.

Sicily, weather and temperatures in winter

In the summer season, Sicily can be quite unbearable, with the temperatures going over the 40 degree mark, just like Andalusia, or Seville. Sicily in winter offers less services, ferries tend to course less and attractions close off a bit sooner than usual. But it’s not all bad, since there’s always Christmas to look forward to, Christmas markets, street food festivals in Palermo, and of course, the New Year’s Eve. During this period (December to be specific), we can also admire all the unique, festive decorations on the Sicilian streets.

Let’s start with the end of the year, for the Sicilian winter weather.

Taormina winter

Sicily in December

The end of the year is quite an interesting time to visit Sicily, not just because of the strong catholic roots of the island and all the related attractions. The temperatures tend to stay at around 12-14 degrees Celsius. Some days can even go all the way up to 20. Alas, this month tends to be quite rainy, and the temperatures at night go under 10 quite often. At least, it’s safe to say, that it’s still the best winter month when it comes to attractions and events.

Sicily in January

The average temperature in January floats around 10-12 degrees. Once again, a very rainy month, up to 18 rainy days. Thing is, even though the forecast may label a day as ‘rainy’, that does not mean that the entire day is ruined. The weather by the seaside changes nonstop, and even the most pessimistic forecasts fail from time to time. Definitely, the tourist count is significantly lower this time a year.

Sicily February

Sicily in February

The end of February means a slow comeback to the usual temperatures in Sicily, slowly going up to 20, although the average is more like 13. Late February can be a great period for visiting Sicily, as the temperatures tend to be much more pleasant, and the tourists have not yet flooded the island.


If you’re up for touring, Sicily is always a good choice, due to the sheer amount of attractions. Here, you can see our list of Palermo’s attractions. For those who are interested mainly in spending time at a beach, we recommend some other period. For those who are interested in a more active approach, we recommend seeing what you can do in Etna.

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