Guide to Berlin’s Television Tower

Berlin is one of the most popular cities in all of Europe, luring tourists in with its museums and other cultural sites first and foremost. One of the more recognisable symbols is also the Fernsehturm, more commonly known as the TV Tower. What is it? Can you visit it and how much does it cost? Let’s take a look.


The Fernsehturm

The Television Tower in Berlin is the tallest structure in Germany, measuring 365 metres in height. Apart from just looking glorious, it also has an observation deck at 203 metres with a bar and a rotating restaurant there as well. The tower has served different symbolic roles throughout the years: initially, it served as a symbol of the German Democratic Republic, to showcase the power and influence of communism. After the reunification, the tower became a symbol of the unified Berlin, now one of the more recognisable sights in all of Germany. With good weather, you get a stunning view of the entire city from the top – with perfect weather, you may even see a contour of the Tropical Islands Resort, some 30 miles away. 



Climbing the tower comes with a price, however. You have one main choice when it comes to your options: do you want to see the observation deck or see the city from the rotating restaurant? If you’d just like to see the observation deck, here are your options:

  • Standard admission ticket: €22.50
    • Reduced ticket: €13.50 (children 4-14)
  • Premium ticket: €29.50 (includes a Berlin’s Odyssey VR experience, one of two films)
    • Reduced ticket: €19.50 (children 6-14)
  • Premium deluxe ticket: €49.50 (includes the VR experience for both films, a drink of your choice from the bar and a photobooth session)

You can find all of the online tickets here. Children below the given range enter for free. As for the restaurant, it’s quite a pricey endeavour, though you do get a dinner with a stunning view from the rotating restaurant. You have quite a few options, though booking a table alone costs €27.50 for adults and €17.50 for children if you’re booking a table by the window. Inner tables cost €3 less. You can also find combined offers of a full breakfast or supper. You can find more information here.


Opening hours

  • March – September: 9am to 11pm
  • October – February: 10am to 11pm


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