7 best beaches in Albania

If beaches aren’t really what comes to your mind when you think of Albania, then we hope this article will change your mind at least a bit. Beaches in Albania are often very unique and beautiful, yet some remain largely undiscovered. We’ll go over our picks for the best beaches in Albania and what you should take with you.


Gjipe beach



The Gjipe beach lies south of the village of Dhërmi, between Vuno and Iljas. It can be reached by boat or via a forest path, the walk takes about 30 minutes. The beach is located at the very end of the Gjipe Canyon, a place with many great hiking trails. As for the beach itself, it’s wide and a mix of pebbles and sand. You have some beautiful views here, as mountains sit on one side and the sea on the other. It’s a perfect place for relaxation – and, no, no shark will come by and snatch you.




Lukova Albania

Lukova is one of the most famous beaches on the Albanian Riviera and in Albania as a whole. And, after all, that is where the best beaches are, so it’s the cream of the crop. It’s located on the route to Himare, about 45 minutes of drive from Ksamil. It’s surrounded by greenery and the waters here are crystal clear. In high season, you also have small restaurants and mini bars open by the beach.


Rana e Hedhun


Rana e Hedhun

The beach is located near Shëngjin, about 40 miles away from Tirana. The town itself is nothing too special but the beach is quite the opposite. Rana e Hedhun is located right at the foot of the high mountains. The sands here are very fine and they’ve formed dunes on the nearby rocks. If you would like to blend in a bit and meet the locals, we recommend this beach especially, as tourists rarely come here.


Bay of Grama


The Grama beach lies behind the Karaburun peninsula, in a small bay. It can be reached in two ways: you either walk a few hours from the nearest road or get on a boat in Vlorë. Surprisingly, it’s quite a popular day trip. The beach is small and almost feels like someone just ripped out a chunk out of the Llogara Pass. The sand is fine and white and the water is almost emerald.





Ksamil is a village located opposite of the Greek Corfu. It’s unofficially referred to as the capital of the Albanian Riviera. You can get here by boat or car, about a 20-minute drive from Saranda. What makes this place special?

ksamil Albania

Beautiful white sand, azure water and three beautiful islands, which you can easily access by kayak or pedal boat. In addition, two of the islands are connected by a strip of fine gravel. Ksamil is popular not only with tourists but also with Albanians themselves. Many refer to it as the very best beach in Albania, and we can’t exactly blame them.


Pasqyra beach


Pasqyrat Albania

Pasqyra is located between Saranda and Ksamil, over 4 miles from Saranda to be exact. The beach is quite small but it has a very peaceful and calming aura because it’s so far from all the big hotels and restaurants. The beach itself is pebbly with a very gentle descent into the sea. All around the beach are forests and beautifully shaped rocks.


Drymades beach



Another strong contender for the title of the prettiest beach in Albania. Drymades beach is just a few minutes’ drive from the village of Dhërmi. The village itself is considered one of the most expensive and beautiful resorts in Albania, with olive groves and orange orchards scattered around the area. The water on the beach is crystal clear and calm.

There are also interesting rock formations on the beach, both on the surface and underwater. The latter come in handy if you want to try diving in the area, as it’s quite perfect for it: you’ll come across numerous rock labyrinths and caves. The beach is also known for being an incredible spot for watching sunsets.


What to take with you to the beach in Albania?


co wziąć na plażę w Albanii

As a general rule, the resorts are very well-equipped and you will find plenty of shops and equipment rentals around too. When it comes to the secluded beaches, though, you’ll need a few things: obviously plenty of water and sunscreen, beach shoes (if it’s a pebble beach) and a towel or a mattress for sunbathing.

You should also have some Albanian money with you for small unforeseen expenses, a hat or some sort of sun protection and some food. We advise carrying around cash and not just your card, as Albania hasn’t fully transitioned into card transactions yet.


Map of the best beaches in Albania


najładniejsze plaże w Albanii

1) Rana e Hedhun
2) Bay of Grama
3) Gjipe beach
4) Lukova
5) Ksamil
6) Pasqyra
7) Drymades


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