Guide to the Milan Metro

Milan is a vast, vast city. If you’re planning on a longer visit and you want to see a lot of it, using the local metro system could be of much help. Today, we’ll go over the basics of the metro system in Milan and what prices you can expect from it. Let’s have a look.


The Milan Metro

The Milan Metro is the largest metro network in Italy. It operates on 5 underground lines identified by colours and codes: M1 (red), M2 (green), M3 (yellow), M4 (blue) and M5 (purple). The M1 is, intuitively enough, the oldest line, dating back to 1964. It also has the most stations, even though M2 is longer. Unintuitively enough, M4 is the most recent line, opened in 2022.

Mapa Metro Mediolan

As you can see, each line of the metro serves a different area of Milan (and other areas in the Lombardy region). Most metro stations are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities thanks to the special ramps and tactile flooring for the blind.

There are several transfer stations where passengers can easily move from one line to another. These include, for example, the Cadorna, Centrale and Duomo stations. Every day, hundreds of thousands of passengers pass through the Metropolitana di Milano system. The operator also offers night services, especially during weekends.

Metro is, of course, not the only public transport system available in Milan. There’s also an equally extensive network of trams and buses. There’s also a bicycle system, an additional flexibility for getting around Milan. With all these options, how much do metro tickets end up costing?


Milan Metro tickets

Prices depend on the zone you’ll be travelling in (see the pic above). The central point is the city of Milan surrounded by 3 mile-long sections, each representing a fare zone. Here’s the current official fares:

ceny biletów metro mediolan

In a nutshell:

  • A 90-minute ticket costs €2,20
  • A 24-hour ticket costs €7,60
  • A ticket for three days costs €13
  • A 10-ticket package costs €19,50

You can utilise these tickets for the metro or any other public transport, ergo buses and trams.


Where to buy a ticket for the Metro in Milan?

Mediolan metro automat

You can either buy them from the ticket machines on the stations, special ATM points or from the official ATM app (which would be easiest and quickest).


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