Should you go to Milan in spring?

Are you longing to visit Milan but you’re not sure when would be the right time? We’re here today to propose that spring may just be what you need. Today’s post will go over a couple of reasons why spring in Malin and Lombardy as a whole is a great time for a trip. At the end, we’ll also provide you with an overview of the temperatures that you can expect in March, April and May. Let’s have a look!


The most beautiful time of year in Lombardy?


Wiosna Lombardia

Though this is, naturally, biased, we do believe that there’s no time of year more beautiful in Lombardy than spring. Everything starts to bloom and everything’s wonderfully green apart from the alpine peaks. It’s the perfect time for photo sessions as the entire region comes back to life after winter.


Fewer tourists and lower prices


Milan and the surrounding towns, such as Como, Lecco and Bergamo, can get very crowded during the summer season. Tiringly so, especially Milan. In spring, tourists are not as abundant yet, so it’s also a much better time to visit if you value peace and quiet. March is especially good in this regard, as May is already a bit too close to the high season to be calm. Due to the lower tourist traffic, prices for flights, accommodation and services also tend to go down.


Easter in Milan


Wielkanoc we Włoszech

Spring also means that you can get to see Easter in Italy! Even if you’re not a religious person yourself, you can still immerse yourself in the atmosphere which overtakes the region. Festive decorations are all around and the smell of traditional Easter dishes begins to fill the streets. You can learn more about Easter in Italy here.


A great time to go shopping in Milan


zakupy Mediolan

It’s also the perfect time for a shopping spree – it’s nowhere near as expensive as, for instance, before Christmas and many boutiques and outlets offer massive sales. There are also unique spring collections, so you can find something fresh for yourself. And, of course, souvenirs are also still around.


Spring weather in Lombardy


To be upfront about this, Milan is no Sardinia or Cyprus. Spring in Lombardy will not be as warm as other spots around southern Europe, so if highest temperatures are your priority, this may not be the best option. It is still, however, warmer than what central/northern Europe is used to, with a decent amount of sunlight to provide a pleasant groundwork for a trip, especially in the second half of spring. What is the weather like in March, April and May? Let’s take a look.


Lombardy in March


marzec Mediolan

Temperatures in Lombardy in March during the day tend to range from 10°C to 17°C, with occasional spikes to 20°C+. Nights are still very cold, about 5°C. It may rain a little, about 7 days a month, so do consider an umbrella. The closer you get to the Alps, the more unpredictable the weather is, you can certainly expect a bit more rain there.


Lombardy in April


kwiecień Mediolan

April in Milan is already more pleasant, with temperatures around 18°C on average, with occasional dips to 13°C and regular jumps to 20°C+. Nights are still a bit cold, 8-10°C. The trade-off is that there’s more rain than in March, upwards of 10 rainy days.


Lombardy in May


Maj Lombardia

May is the most pleasant month of the bunch, with an average of 23°C during the day, though occasional spikes to 30°C are not unprecedented. Nights are also a lot more bearable, with an average 13°C. Sadly, there’s still quite a bit of rain, but the temperatures do make up for it. Check the forecasts in advance to see whether there’s a rainless spot.


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