What’s the weather like in Perugia in spring?

Spring often sounds like a great time for a holiday trip until people consider that the weather in many places in spring is actually a bit… underwhelming, to put it nicely. And weather is, after all, the make or break of a holiday. What is the situation like in Italy? What weather can you expect in Perugia in March, April or May? We’ll examine exactly that today.


What is the climate like in Perugia?


Perugia has a humid subtropical climate (warm temperate), meaning it’s divided into four traditional seasons with very hot dry summers and mild rainy winters. The summer temperatures can extend well into September. Still, today we’re looking at March, April and May.


Perugia in March


The beginning of March in Perugia tends to be a bit chilly, so we’d recommend packing some thicker warmer clothing. The average day temperatures in March in 2023 fluctuated around 12-14°C, with highs reaching 21°C and lows as low as 8°C at the beginning of the month. At night, the temperatures dropped down to -1°C at its coldest, though it was overall closer to an average of 4°C. It’s already not too bad, though there’s a bit of rain.


Perugia in April


April gets a bit warmer, with an average closer to stable 16°C (in 2023, it was approx. 17.5°C). Highs tend to reach about 23-24°C. Nights also get a lot better, with an average of 7°C. The only issue is that it’s quite a cloudy month, with about 11 days of possible rainfall. As such, make sure to check the forecasts beforehand and try to squeeze in a few sunny days.


Perugia in May


You can already feel the summer in the air in May. The temperatures often reach high 25s – in 2022, the highest recorded temperature was 33°C while, in 2023, it was 28°C. The average is closer to 21°C though, as the beginning of the month can still have a few chilly days. The nights get much warmer, to an average of 12°C and the sea is finally warm enough for a short dip, at around 18°C. Though it is already very close to summer, you can still expect quite a bit of rain, with an average of 10 rainy days.



Spring in Perugia is a pleasant time, though it’s no Cyprus. You should certainly monitor the forecasts beforehand and take some warmer clothes for the chilly evenings and mornings. If you’re going in late May, you can expect temperatures much closer to what you’d find in the summer.


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