What’s the weather like in Perugia in autumn?

Autumn is a great time for holiday breaks for people who would rather avoid the whole high season frenzy. At least, it is if your destination of choice has pleasant weather this time of year. What about Italy? Can you go to Perugia in autumn? In today’s article, we’ll examine the weather in Perugia in September, October and November.


Weather in Perugia in autumn

Autumn is a very varied time in terms of temperatures in Perugia. You have highs akin to summer in early autumn and lows reminding you of the imminent winter. Though we’ll examine temperatures month by month in a moment, we can say that the entirety of autumn is quite a rainy time in Perugia, about 10-11 rainy days a month on average. Days are still quite long, at about 11 hours of daylight.


Perugia in September


Is it warm in Perugia in September? Recent years certainly suggest that yes, it’s still a very warm month. In 2023, the coldest day was at 20°C while it had 8 days with temperatures over 30°C. Same deal with 2022, 21°C lowest and 33°C highest. As such, expect about 25°C on average. It does, however, get colder the deeper we delve into the month, so these highs that you see are mostly the beginning of September.

Nights are also relatively warm still, with an average of 15°C. The sea is also still plenty warm, at about 23°C, so you can totally hit up a beach in September. You can expect about 7-9 rainy days.


Perugia in October


Temperatures in October tend to drop a few degrees Celsius already. You can expect an average of about 20°C during the day, though you can still see highs of 30°C on a day or two. Nights get significantly colder, dropping to around 11-13°C. It also rains a tiny bit more in October, about 10 days. The sea is, on average, still decently pleasant, at least for a short dip.


Perugia in November


We would argue that, while October and September are still very, very pleasant, November is a quick reality check that winter is around the corner. Day temperatures drop to about 14°C while nights dip all the way down to an average of 6°C. It’s also the rainiest month in Perugia, with about 12 rainy days a month, and the sea gets to the point where we would no longer recommend it (though we can’t exactly stop you).


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