Four reasons why you should go to Sicily in autumn

If you’re looking for an out-of-season trip to Sicily, then autumn may just be the perfect time for that. If you’re wondering what Sicily’s like in autumn, then we’ll go over exactly that in today’s article. We’ll include both the weather and other reasons for why Sicily in autumn is a great idea.

Perfect weather

Sycylia pogoda
The area around Syracuse and the beautiful sunny weather in Sicily

Autumn in Sicily is not overly hot. And that’s a good thing. It’s still warm enough for all intents and purposes but it’s not going to be overbearing. You can still totally go for a swim but you can also hike without having to worry about a heat stroke. It’s the perfect period for people who don’t like excessive heat. The rain isn’t too bad either, much milder than in winter.

Harvesting season

oliwki sycylia
The olive tree in Sicily with olives

Autumn is also the season for harvesting olives and making wine. You may have an opportunity to see for yourself how olives are gathered on tourist farms in Sicily. They’re usually harvested from September to November, while wine production begins from late August. If you’re visiting in November, then you may also get a chance to see the San Martino day, when the first barrel of wine gets opened!

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Fewer tourists

jesień sycylia
Segesta in October, nearly empty

Wherever you’ll wander in Sicily, be it a small rural town or a large city, you’ll inevitably find way fewer tourists than in summer. You may even find tourist attractions free of tourists. It’s certainly a way better time for a more quiet relaxation than the high season. If you want to see what cities you should visit in Sicily, check out our guide on that too.

It’s cheaper

sycylia tanio
Western Sicily is cheaper than eastern Sicily – though both of them are cheaper in autumn

The further away from the high season it gets, the lower the prices go in Sicily. Hotel rooms can sometimes be several times cheaper. If you’re looking for a luxurious posh villa by the seaside, then you’ll pay 5 times less in autumn than in summer. Same goes for flights, as tickets sell out much slower.

Weather in Sicily in September

sycylia sierpień

September is still a very hot month, with average temperatures sitting around 27°C. At night, it still remains at 20°C, so no need to pack a jacket or anything. There may be a tiny bit of rain, about 5-6 rainy days a month, but they’ll be mild. The sea is also still very warm, at 25°C.


Weather in Sicily in October

sycylia wrzesień

Ladies and gentlemen, we have dire news. It may, god forbid, drop to below 20 degrees by the end of the month. Like, at night. Because days are still at an average of 24°C, with highs very occasionally reaching the 30°C mark. The sea is still pleasant, at about 22°C, so you can still totally hit up the beach. There’ll be a bit more rain, though – about 8 days.


Weather in Sicily in November

sycylia październik

November is the first real drop of temperature after summer, with day temperatures sometimes dropping below 20°C. Still, you can expect them to circulate around the 20°C mark throughout the month. The sea gets a tiny bit chilly already, so preferably pick September or October for that. There’s also a lot more rain in November, a prelude to winter.


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