What sea temperatures can you expect in Sicily in July and August?

Thinking of visiting Sicily, but you’re not sure whether its waters are going to be warm enough for you? Wouldn’t want to bathe in cold waters, we get it. As such, we’ll examine what sea temperatures you can expect in Sicily in the summer.  

How warm is the sea in Sicily in July?


 July in Italy is full of tourists eager to sample the la dolce vita. Lots of people are swimming on Sicilian coasts. The average sea temperature in July is 25°C. It’s the warmest in Taormina while Palermo and Trapani have it slightly cooler. Still, these differences are relatively tiny and you’ll find very pleasant waters all around Sicily.  

How warm is the sea in Sicily in August?


 August is the busiest month in Sicily, but also the warmest. Water temperatures can reach up to 29 degrees Celsius, with an average of 26 °C. The water is very warm and swimming in the sea during this month is simply lovely. You can’t go wrong with either of these two months, August will be a tiny bit warmer.


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