Which river passes through Porto?

Though Porto is famous for its many beautiful sights and its namesake wine, one of its biggest symbols is certainly the Dom Luís I Bridge. But what river does this bridge hang over? Which river passes through Porto? Let’s find out!

Porto is a charmingly pleasant city, very popular with tourists, located in northern Portugal right on the Atlantic Ocean. The city lies both on the shores of an ocean and at the mouth of a large river. What river? None other than the Douro River.

Porto zwiedzanie

The Douro is over 550 miles long and flows through both Spain and Portugal. It is the second longest river of the Iberian Peninsula and the river with the most water. The lower part of the Douro is home to the vineyards of the Alto Douro region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The largest cities which are built around Douro are Porto and the Spanish Soria and Zamora. If you wish to learn more about Porto, click here to find out what you can see in Porto and here for which vineyards are worth visiting in the area.


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