How much does it cost to visit the Lamborghini museum?

For many, Italy is the synonym of good cuisine, Rome and its rich past or cute little vespa scooters. For others, though, it’s luxurious sports cars, with Lamborghini at the top. Did you know that there’s even a Lamborghini museum in Italy? Though many of us may not be able to afford the cars, we may just be able to afford a visit to the museum. How much does it cost? We’ll go over that today.

In 1963, the first Lamborghini model, the 350 GTV, was produced in Sant’Agata Bolognese, giving rise to the history of one of the most famous sports car manufacturers. Not everyone can afford a bull-adorned car but almost everyone can afford to visit the Lamborghini museum. How much do tickets cost?


How much does it cost to enter the Lamborghini Museum?

A visit to the Lamborghini Museum is a little cheaper than a visit to its rival’s museum in Modena and Maranello, Ferrari. A regular ticket here costs €18. 

There’s also a reduced ticket which costs €14. It applies to many groups: seniors over 65, students (over 19 years old), groups of more than 20 people and owners of the Bologna Cultura Card. There’s also a Reduced Plus ticket for students under 19 years old, people with disabilities and any companion who is there to help said people with disabilities. The maximum duration of the visit is one hour and you are to enter at time slots reserved in advance.

Guided tour is another option for not much more than the standard ticket. A regular ticket for the tour costs €23, the reduced ticket following the same rules as before costs €19 and the Reduced Plus (also same rules) costs €11. Similarly, a visit cannot exceed one hour.

Finally, Lamborghini organises one more tour – the Factory Tour, where you can see how Lamborghini cars are built. This is a much pricier option, clearly intended for very dedicated fans of the brand. A standard ticket costs €80 here. A reduced ticket, still the same rules as before, costs €76 and a Reduced Plus costs €31. Beware, that the production line tours will be suspended from January 2024 and will return in May 2024. 


How to behave in the museum

You should not touch the vehicles on display all around the museum, nor enter them. You also can’t let animals in, apart from guide dogs for the blind. You also cannot eat in the museum, so do behave respectfully to the people working there. As for the factory visit, you cannot take any pictures and you’ll be asked to leave any cameras or phones in the lockers provided outside the factory.

You can find lots of the most famous Lamborghini models in the museums – both current production models as well as older models, such as the various Murcielago, Diablo, Miura or LM002. There are also concept models and unique limited editions, such as the P147, Sesto Elemento, Centenario or Veneno.

Do keep in mind that the prices we’re providing here are for late 2023 – they may change quite quickly in the coming years, so check the current prices here. The museum is open every day – from October 1 to April 30, from 9:30 am to 6 pm and from May 2 to September 30, from 9:30 am to 7 pm. You can find more information about the museum on its official site


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