What are the warmest regions in Italy in June?

Italy is a country of delicious food, great architecture, beautiful landscapes and very high summer temperatures. The last aspect makes Italy so appealing for many that they visit it practically every year. For this reason, we’ll go over which region is the warmest in Italy in June, including both air and sea temperatures. 


Where is it the warmest in Italy in June?


High temperatures prevail in a number of Italian regions, and most areas are very warm in the season, so you’ll likely be satisfied wherever you may roam. Still, if we’re looking for the very warmest place, the south of the Italian peninsula tends to predominate among all others.

The warmest region in the country in June is Calabria. Average temperatures fluctuate around 29 degrees Celsius and thermometers have approached the 40 degree mark on several occasions.

Apart from Calabria, we also have Sicily, where you can find 27-28 degrees Celsius on average. Many of Italy’s largest and most popular cities are also strong contenders. Rome, for instance, also has around 28 degrees Celsius. Naples, too, averages out at 26-28.

As for night temperatures, Sicily ranks first, at 18 degrees Celsius. Naples is also quite high, at 17 degrees. Rome is slightly cooler, at 16, and Calabria, surprisingly enough, experiences a hefty drop down to 15 degrees Celsius.

As you can see, the southern part of Italy in June is characterised by very hot days and slightly cooler, but still pleasant, nights. All the places mentioned will be perfect for lazy days spent on the beach.


Sea temperatures in Italy in June


Finally, let’s check where you’ll find the warmest sea water in June. Sicily and Naples are the winners here, with an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. Calabria is also very pleasant, with 21 degrees Celsius. Both will be perfect for long mindless bathing.


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