What’s the sea temperature in Puglia in July and August?

Puglia is one of Italy’s most popular regions, and no wonder. It offers us many attractive towns and it is also here that we find some of the nicest beaches in Italy. Wondering if the water in Puglia in July and August is warm enough for your liking? We’ll investigate that today.  

How warm is the sea in Puglia in July?

While July can still be a bit capricious at times in the north, Puglia’s summer is in full swing already. The water in the sea is very warm, reaching up to 28 ºC. Of course, beaches with warmest water can be found in the south, on the heel of the Italian boot. July is the best month in Puglia if you love the scorching heat, both in the air and in the waters. You may think it’s August, though that tends to be the most crowded time of year because Italians tend to go on holidays that time of year.  

How warm is the sea in Puglia in August?

August in Puglia is also the epitome of a heatwave. The sea is just as warm and there’s no rainfall to calm things down, so you can expect about 27 degrees Celsius. You can also expect the air temperature to reach nearly 40 degrees, so you have to be really dedicated to the whole heat business to want that. As for us, frankly, we’d much rather leave those temperatures to the Italians who are a bit better at handling them than we are. 🙂


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