What to see and where to stay in Golem, Albania?

Albania has been overlooked for many, many years as a tourist destination – only recently has it been picking up steam. You’ll find incredible mountains, beautiful beaches and various places of interest here. Today, we take you to Golem. What can you see here?


Where is Golem located?


gdzie leży Golem

Golem is a small coastal village, about 8 miles away from Durrës and about 25 miles from Tirana. The village stretches out for 6 miles and is divided into two parts by an expressway running through it. There’s a beach and a resort district right next to it, with numerous hotels and other services. On the other side, you have the actual residents of Golem. Many Albanians treat Golem as a district of Durrës, although it is a separate administrative unit.


What are the best beaches in Golem?


plaże Golem

If you’re looking for wide, sandy beaches, you’ve come to the right place. These are the only ones you’ll find here. You can find both large stretches of sand with sunbeds and umbrellas for hire as well as empty areas for you to come with your blanket. To the south of Golem, you have the small but lovely beach of Plazhi i Gjeneralit with beautiful, crystal-clear water and soft sand. There’s also a pier on the beach, thankfully free of charge, which is a very spot for taking pictures of the sunset. You can read more about the best beaches in Albania in our separate post.


What to see in Golem?


bulwar durres

The area around Golem is not rich in ancient monuments or legendary natural spots. The main pull of the resort is that it’s largely undiscovered by tourists, so you won’t find crowds here. It’s a way to get a glimpse of what Albanian life is beyond the tourist bubble. If you would like to explore a bit more, though, we’d advise you hire a car and go on a trip through the surrounding villages. You’ll find plenty of picturesque landscapes and vine-covered houses. And if you want those ancient monuments afterall, you can always take a trip to Durrës.


herb Golem
Golem’s Coat of Arms

Golem is a peaceful, quiet place. It’s a great destination for those of you who don’t mind the relative scarcity of immediate tourist attractions and just want a place to relax. If you’re into parties or more active exploration, again, we’d recommend the nearby Durrës.


Where to stay in Golem? Where to eat?


If you’re looking for a good place to dine in Golem, we highly recommend Sapore di Mare and Restorant Miami 2. As for accommodation, we’d say Eleart of Hotel Venezia (right by the beach! 🙂 ). You can find plenty of other hotels and flats, though, including more budget options. Restaurants are also plentiful and usually reasonably priced, though a little bit pricier than the rest of Albania.


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