Is there a metro in Rome?

The metro is one of the most convenient forms of public transport available in our modern world. It’s relatively cheap, punctual and there’s no traffic. If you’re going to Rome and you have a lot on your to-see list, then you may be wondering if you can also find a metro in Rome?

Yes, you certainly can! Rome’s metro has been up and running since 1955 and continues to function today.


Tickets prices for the metro in Rome


ceny biletów metro Rzym

The price for a single ticket in Rome costs just €1.50 and allows for 75 minutes of unlimited use of all public transport in Rome, meaning metro, buses, trams and urban trains. There are also options like the MetroBus 24h/48h/72h tickets, which also allow unlimited access to public transport for the specified duration. The 24h ticket costs €7, 48 hours is €12.50 and the 72h is €18. Finally, if you know you’ll be spending a full week in Rome, you may want to consider a weekly pass, which is the same deal for a week for €24. There are also annual and monthly cards, if you’re interested in staying for longer or for good.


How many lines does the metro in Rome have?


The metro in Rome has just three lines and is one of the smallest metro networks in Europe. You can use all the lines and change between them freely with the use of one ticket, which guarantees a cheap and quick way to get around Rome.


How many stations does the metro in Rome have?

mapa metra Rzym
Map from the official ATAC website

The Rome metro stops at 73 stations scattered across the three metro lines. One of these stations is located within the Vatican City! To reach the Vatican by metro, we should take the “A” line train and reach the Ottaviano – San Pietro – Musei Vaticani station.

As you can see, the metro is one of the best ways to get around Rome. Using the three lines of the Roman metro, we can visit the most important points in the city quickly and efficiently.


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