What are the warmest regions in Italy in May?

May is an ideal time for holidays abroad for many reasons and the Apennine Peninsula is certainly no stranger to late spring visitors. If you’re thinking of becoming one of them too, then we’ll go over where you can find the highest temperatures in Italy in May.


Italy in May – where will you find the highest temperatures?

When looking at monthly temperature overviews in Italy, you’ll quickly notice that one part of the country is consistently ahead of the rest – the southern part of Italy. There, the highest temperatures of the bunch are found in Calabria and Sicily. Same goes for spring in general and May in particular.

Okay, but what temperatures are we talking about? In recent years, temperatures in Calabria and Sicily have averaged about 23-25 degrees Celsius during the day, but it has not been uncommon for them to exceed 30.

There’s also the question of temperatures during the night. Sicily fares slightly better in comparison, as night-time temperatures hover around 15 degrees Celsius. Calabria is a tiny bit cooler, at 11-13 degrees.


Sea temperatures in Italy in May

You may already be thinking of taking a dip in the sea in May. Where will you find the warmest waters then? Similarly, we look at Sicily and Calabria – the difference, this time, is almost indiscernible. Sicily averages out at 18 degrees and Calabria at 19 degrees Celsius. The sea is pleasant enough in both places to where you can take a short pleasant swim.


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