Are there beaches in Venice?

Venice is full of beautiful sights and attractions – though you knew that already. Do you know, however, if you can also spice your Venice stay up with a day on a beach? Does Venice have access to the sea? Let’s have a look!


A beach in Venice?

Let’s look at the location of Venice – you may know that it’s located in the northern part of Italy, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. It’s effectively a lagoon with many densely developed islands. With all the infrastructure, it might be hard to find space for a beach in Venice. But can you? Yes. Though it’d be hard to find a good beach in the centre of Venice, especially with the smell of the canals and all, there are beaches on the outskirts. Most of them can be found on the island of Lido, which you can reach by ferry from the centre.


What beaches are there in Venice?

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You’ll find wide sandy beaches with plenty of equipment and auxiliary infrastructure around. The beaches are mainly on the side of the Adriatic Sea, not the lagoon, so it’s clean and pleasant. The beach-covered coast extends for over 5 miles in length, so it’s quite a lot of beach in one coast. As such, to summarise, yes, you can find beaches in Venice, though you’ll have to go out of your way to find them.


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