Is there snow in Rome?

Winter is a time when many people take trips to southern Europe, including Italy, in search of sunshine and higher temperatures. As such, you may be wondering if you’ll find snow in the Eternal City? Does it snow in Rome in winter? Let’s find out!

Rome and snow don’t seem to like each other too much, for they haven’t met since 2018. Before that, the last time it snowed in Rome was in 2012, meaning it’s a very rare phenomenon. As such, don’t count on too many opportunities for a snowball fight in Rome. 

Since there is almost never snow in Rome, what kind of weather should we be prepared for? Though you’ll not need winter jackets to protect yourself from snow storms, you’ll still need some warmer clothing and an umbrella, as winters are cold and wet in Rome. You can expect temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius until early February. 

Still, to conclude briefly, no, no snow in Rome, unless one of them finally decides to get over it and call.


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