Can you drink tap water in Rome?

Rome gets a bit warm, so you’ll need plenty of hydration throughout the day. Simultaneously, buying bottled water in large quantities can genuinely impact your budget for a trip. As such, can you skip on the bottles and just drink from the tap? Is tap water in Rome safe? We’ll examine that today.


Is the tap water in Rome suitable for drinking?

We have splendid news! Rome has been famous for more than 2,000 years for the quality of its water provided by the city’s great sewage system (we’re sure you remember the aqueducts from your history lessons). This carries over to today as well – you can safely drink tap water all over Rome. You don’t need water filters or anything with you.

Why should you drink tap water? Firstly, people tend to prefer it for economic reasons, just to save on bottles and utilise the infrastructure that they pay for in hotels. Secondly, it leads to less unnecessary waste, meaning you can be more environmentally friendly and keep more in your pockets.

We hope you’ll have a great trip to Rome and we wish you delicious tap water! 


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